Northwest College


Northwest College, founded in 1946, is a comprehensive community college that offers both transfer and technical degrees to approximately 2,000 students. Class sizes are typically 10 to 20 students. The main campus, located in Powell, Wyoming, is located on over 130 acres and consists of over 60 buildings. There are five residence halls and 80 apartments.

How much would I save with WUE?
Resident tuition:$1896
Nonresident tuition:$5688
WUE rate (Resident x 150%):$2844
WUE Savings:$2844

Important: The rates shown are taken from WICHE's Annual Tuition and Fees Report for AY2014 - 15 and do not include fees. Actual tuition rates may vary. These rates assume 30 credit hours per year. We strongly encourage you to verify these rates with the admissions office where you want to enroll.

This institution offers the WUE rate to transfer students.

The WUE tuition rate applies to the majors listed below. If the major is not listed here, it is not eligible for the WUE rate:

Program Name   Degree Type(s)    
Accounting   ASSOC    
Aeronautics   ASSOC    
Agricultural Business   ASSOC    
Agricultural Communication   ASSOC    
Agriculture - Farm and Ranch Management   ASSOC    
Agriculture - Range Management   ASSOC    
Agriculture Education   ASSOC    
Agriculture Production   CERT, ASSOC    
Agroecology   ASSOC    
Allied Health   ASSOC    
Animal Science   ASSOC    
Anthropology   ASSOC    
Archeology Technician   CERT, ASSOC    
Art   ASSOC    
Athletic Training   ASSOC    
Audio Technician   CERT    
Biology   ASSOC    
Business   ASSOC    
Business Administration   ASSOC    
Business Technology - Administrative Assistant/Word Processing   CERT, ASSOC    
Business Technology - Help Desk   CERT    
Chemistry   ASSOC    
Communication   ASSOC    
Criminal Justice   ASSOC    
Drafting   CERT, ASSOC    
Education - Early Childhood   ASSOC    
Education - Elementary   ASSOC    
Education - Secondary   ASSOC    
Engineering   ASSOC    
English - Literary Studies/Writing   ASSOC    
Equine/Farrier Studies and Business Management   CERT, ASSOC    
Film Production   ASSOC    
General Studies   ASSOC    
Graphics - Design   ASSOC    
Graphics - Prepress   CERT, ASSOC    
Graphics - Printing Production   ASSOC    
Health/Medical Preparatory Programs (PPS/OT/PT/OPT)   ASSOC    
History   ASSOC    
International Studies   ASSOC    
Journalism - Print   CERT, ASSOC    
Journalism - Web/Broadcasting   ASSOC    
Liberal Studies   CERT, ASSOC    
Mathematics   ASSOC    
Music   ASSOC    
Music Technology   ASSOC    
Natural Resource Biology   ASSOC    
Non-Degree Seeking   No Degree    
Nursing - Practical (LPN)   CERT    
Nursing - Registered (RN)   ASSOC    
Nursing Assistant   CERT    
Outdoor Education and Recreation Leadership   CERT, ASSOC    
Photography   CERT, ASSOC    
Physical Education/Coaching   CERT, ASSOC    
Physics   ASSOC    
Political Science   ASSOC    
Pre-Pharmacy   ASSOC    
Psychology   ASSOC    
Radio and Television Production   CERT, ASSOC    
Screenwriting   ASSOC    
Social Sciences   ASSOC    
Sociology   ASSOC    
Spanish   ASSOC    
Survey Technician   CERT    
Veterinary Assistant   ASSOC    
Welding Technology   CERT, ASSOC    

Enrollment Information

Northwest College offers open enrollment, so there are no application deadlines for most programs. The nursing program and the equine riding and training program require additional applications and have application deadlines. All programs are available to WUE students.

Admission Requirements

High School Graduates: Northwest College admits Wyoming resident graduates of regionally accredited Wyoming high schools upon receipt of an Application for Admission and a final transcript. Out-of-state high school graduates must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

Home Schooled Students: Home schooled students, 16 years of age or older should submit a completed Home School Transcript Evaluation Form along with their ACT/SAT scores.

Northwest College encourages students who have not taken the ACT/SAT to take the COMPASS Placement Exam.

Apply online:

Contact Information

Admissions Office
Northwest College
231 W 6th Street
Powell, WY 82435
(307) 754-6101/(800) 560-4692

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