Mesa Community College


Mesa Community College, founded in 1965, is part of the Maricopa Community College District. MCC is the largest of the Maricopa colleges, serving more than 22,500 students. MCC offers the first two years of college-level courses across the academic spectrum, in addition to occupational/education courses. MCC works closely with business and industry in designing specific training classes to upgrade employee skills and provides noncredit and lifelong learning opportunities.

How much would I save with WUE?

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NOTE: The rates shown are taken from WICHE's most recent annual Tuition and Fees Report (published in December) and do not include fees. We strongly encourage you to verify these rates with the admissions office of the institution where you want to enroll.

This institution offers the WUE rate to transfer students.

The WUE tuition rate applies to the majors listed below. If the major is not listed here, it is not eligible for the WUE rate:

Program Name   Degree Type(s)    
AAS General Business 3148 & 5683/ Marketing 5394/ Software Quality Assurance 5393   CERT, ASSOC    
Administration of Justice Studies 3398/ Judicial Studies 3394 & 5002N/ Legal Studies 5635   CERT, ASSOC    
Administrative Professional 3680 & 5677/ Computer Applications: Microsoft Office Specialist/Basic 5146/ Computer Applications: Microsoft Office Specialist/Advanced 5147   CERT, ASSOC    
Adobe Creative Suite in Business: Print & Web App Specialist 5780/ Advanced Web Designer 5345/ Digital Arts: Web Design 5629/ Game Tech 3145 & 5637/ Multimedia & Bus Tech 3147/ Web Designer 3085 & 5344/ Web Devlpr 3084 & 5060/ Web Server Admin 3087 & 5342   CERT, ASSOC    
Adobe Foundations 5807N   CERT    
African-American Studies 6226N   CERT    
Alteration Specialist 5556/ Fashion Merchandising and Design 3260/ Textile and Apparel: Designer 5770N/ Textile & Apparel: Fashion Stylist 5768N/ Textile & Apparel: Knitwear Specialist 5766N/ Textile & Apparel: Pattern I 5764N/ Textile & Apparel: II 5765N   CERT, ASSOC    
Apparel and Textiles/ Textile & Apparel: Fashion Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) Tech 5803N/ Textile & Apparel: Fashion Illustration Specialist 5802N/ Textile & Apparel: Industrial Sewing Tech 5800N/ Textile & Apparel: Product Development 5801N   CERT    
Architecture 3802/ Architectural CADD Level III 5352/ Architectural Detailing CADD Level III 5352/ Construction / Home Inspection 5505/ Plan Review 5508/ Pre-Contractor Licensing 5509/ Residential Drafting CADD Level II 5349   CERT, ASSOC    
Arizona General Education Curriculum - A (AGEC-A) 8001   CERT    
Arizona General Education Curriculum - S (AGEC-S) 8003   CERT    
Associate in Arts 8400/ Women's Studies 6225N   CERT, ASSOC    
Associate in Arts, Elementary Education (AAEE) 8101   ASSOC    
Associate in Arts, Fine Arts - Art 8105   ASSOC    
Associate in Arts, Fine Arts - Dance 8103   ASSOC    
Associate in Arts, Fine Arts - Theatre 8107   ASSOC    
Associate in Business General Requirements 8900/ Associate in Business Special Requirements 8800/ Business AAS 3852/ Management 5088/ Organizational Leadership 5731 Project Management 5477N   CERT, ASSOC    
Associate in Science 8600   ASSOC    
Audio Production Technologies 3024 & 5334/ Sound Design 5686   CERT, ASSOC    
Automation Technology 3000/ Automation Technology Level I 5000/ Automation Technology Level II 5630 N/ Automation Technology Level III 5696N/ Electromechanical Automation Technology 3544/ Electromechanical Automation Technology 5546   CERT, ASSOC    
Automotive Performance Technology 3482/ Automotive Electrical Systems 5449/ Brakes, Alignment, Suspension and Steering 5459/ Engine Performance and Diagnosis 5478   CERT, ASSOC    
Beginning Piano Pedagogy 5743N /Intermediate Piano Pedagogy 5749N   CERT    
Bilingual Education/Dual Language Immersion (BE/DLI) 5127/ Bilingual Endorsement 5127/ ESL Endorsement 5126   CERT    
Biotechnology 3004 & 5079   CERT, ASSOC    
Building Inspection 5554   CERT    
CAD/CAM/CNC I 5616N/ CAD/CAM/CNC II 5647N/ CAD/CAM/CNC III 5795N/ Machining and Product Development 3542/ Machining I 5614N/ Machining II 5645N   CERT, ASSOC    
Caterpillar Technician Training 3005   ASSOC    
Certified Residential Appraiser 3104/ Licensed Real Estate Appraiser 5615/ Real Estate 5653/ Real Estate: Prelicense 5139N/ Residential Appraisal Trainee 5619N   CERT, ASSOC    
Child and Family Professional Development 6238N   CERT    
Communication Competence in the Workplace 6219N   CERT    
Computer Aided Drafting 5547/ Commercial Drafting CADD Level II 5350/ Computer Aided Design and Drafting CADD Level I 5498N   CERT    
Computer Programming 3164   CERT, ASSOC    
Construction drafting CADD Level III 5502/ Surveying and Civil Drafting CADD Level II 5501   CERT    
Costume Design and Production 5406/ Image Consultant 5402/ Retail Sales Manager 5405   CERT    
Creative Writing 6224N   CERT    
Dental Hygiene 3831   ASSOC    
Digital Arts 3081/ Digital Arts: Digital Photography 5632   CERT, ASSOC    
Digital Arts: Digital Illustration 5631/ Digital Arts: Graphic Design 5633   CERT    
Disc Jockey Techniques 3159 & 5745   CERT, ASSOC    
Driver Operator 5418N/ Fire Officer Leadership 5420N/ Fire Science 5486/ Firefighter Operations 5557   CERT    
Early Care Specialist 5358   CERT    
Early Childhood Administration and Management 3109   ASSOC    
Early Learning and Development 3124   ASSOC    
Electro/Mechanical Drafting 3504 & 5551/ Micro Circuit Mask Design 3505 & 5504   CERT, ASSOC    
Electromechanical Manufacturing Technology 55621   CERT    
Electronics Engineering Technology 3224/ Electronics Technology 3220 & 5591/ Salt River Project Relay Apprentice 5763   CERT, ASSOC    
Emergency Management 5304   CERT    
Emergency Medical Technology 5643N/ Emergency Response and Operations 3112/ Fire Investigation 5744N/ Paramedicine 5513   CERT, ASSOC    
Entrepreneurial Studies Level I 5819N/ Entrepreneurial Studies Level II 5820   CERT    
Exercise Science and Personal Training 3059/ Nutrition for Fitness and Wellness 5302/ Personal Training Specialist 5445   CERT, ASSOC    
Forensic Investigation 5488   CERT    
General Studies 2000   ASSOC    
Geospatial Technologies 3108/ Applications in Geospatial Technologies 5135   CERT, ASSOC    
Group Fitness Instructor 5414N   CERT    
Information Technology: Cisco Networking 3095   ASSOC    
Instructional Assistance 3119 & 5119   CERT, ASSOC    
Insurance Studies 5842   CERT    
Interior Design 3093/ Interior Merchandising 5429   CERT, ASSOC    
International Trade 5999   CERT    
Journalism 3120   ASSOC    
Landscape Aide 5069N/ Landscape Specialist 5073   CERT    
Language and Literary Culture of the USA 6221N/ Reading Specialist 5128   CERT    
Library Information Technology 3392/ Library Information Technology: Basic 5911/ Library Information Technology: Advanced 5913/ Library Information Technology: School Library Media Center 5550   CERT, ASSOC    
Linux Associate 5219/ Linux Networking Admin 3013 & 5225/ Linux Professional 5240N/ Network Admin: Cisco Network Professional 5328/ Network Admin: Microsoft Windows Server 5124/ Networking Admin: Cisco 5969N/ Networking System Admin 3208   CERT, ASSOC    
Manufacturing Engineering Technology 3512   ASSOC    
Manufacturing Technology 3616/ Manufacturing Management 5625   CERT, ASSOC    
Mechanical Drafting 5600   CERT    
Mortuary Science 3765   ASSOC    
Multimedia Technology 5576   CERT    
Music Business 3017 & 5258   CERT, ASSOC    
Nurse Assisting 5963N   CERT    
Nursing 3812/ Nursing Refresher 5739N   CERT, ASSOC    
Organizational Management 3727   ASSOC    
Police Science 3107 & 5107/ Victimology 5392N   CERT, ASSOC    
Practical Nursing 5957   CERT    
Programming and Systems Analysis 3844 & 5048   CERT, ASSOC    
Public Relations 3674   ASSOC    
Recreation Management 3053 & 5469   CERT, ASSOC    
Retail Management 3048 & 5286   CERT, ASSOC    
Salesmanship 5281   CERT    
Small Business 5191N /Small Business Start-Up 5706N   CERT    
Social Media Marketing 5830N   CERT    
Spanish and Spanish Culture 6243N   CERT    
Sustainability and Ecological Literacy 6232N   CERT    
Sustainable Agriculture 3014   ASSOC    
Sustainable Food Systems 3127 & 5158   CERT, ASSOC    
Technology Support Analyst 5997   CERT    
Urban Horticulture 3030   ASSOC    
Veterinary Technology/Animal Health 3015   ASSOC    
Welding 3244 & 5444/ Manufacturing Welding 5620   CERT, ASSOC    
Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition 6239N   CERT    

Enrollment Information

Students must submit lawful presence documentation in order to be eligible for the WUE program.

For a list of eligible documentation, visit this link:

Contact Information

Mesa Community College
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1833 W. Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85202
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